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P&O Cruises

Project Type /

Interactive digital signage

Role /

Creative Director

Services /

Interviews, customer journey mapping, information architecture, UX and UI concepts

When P&O Cruises commissioned its new cruise ship, it wanted to introduce a far more sophisticated onboard communications and information system for guests than it currently deployed in the rest of the fleet.

To gain a clear idea of audiences and their needs we conducted a series of interviews with key P&O staff directly involved in customer experience. We needed to understand the heritage and customer loyalty that the company prides itself on.

We then undertook a series of onboard interviews with a wide variety of guests on the cruise ships, asking them to comment on their experience of all stages of their cruise, from initial contact with P&O right through to any post-cruise contact they might have had, or would expect to have.

Armed with this company background and first-hand guest experience we ran a workshop with senior P&O staff members responsible for every stage of guest interaction to create an overall customer journey map identifying all key guest touchpoints.

P&O prides itself on its customer care and it was looking to give guests the same customer experience through digital channels as they were accustomed to receiving face to face.

This required the introduction of hundreds of interactive signage and promotional screens onto the ship along with dedicated information channels for crew tablets and guest’s in-cabin TV screens.

The main aim of the project was to allow guests to ‘self-serve’ in wayfinding around such a huge ship and, at the same time, providing them with valuable information and promotional content to ensure that they had a positive customer experience.

The guiding principle behind the interface design was to create simple, intuitive screens for a broad spectrum of guests with varying degrees of digital experience.

We devised a variety of both static and interactive screens for public areas along with more detailed and personalised screens for the in-cabin television system. The look and feel had to reflect the core P&O brand guidelines to provide a familiar visual landscape for guests.
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