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Floodlit Abbey

Westminster Abbey

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Workshops, UX, Design, Art direction, User testing

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Creative Director

Westminster Abbey’s previous website was failing to serve its target audiences. It did not reflect the grandeur of the destination, was very difficult to navigate and did not work on mobile devices.

As the Abbey remains totally dependent on visitor entry fees and donations for its income the website has to be the key communication channel in encouraging people to visit.

The digital experience on the old website was sorely lacking in functionality, the online ticketing and shop were rudimentary at best, user journeys were fractured and poorly optimised and overall the site was not hitting commercial targets.

Our approach to the project was to ensure that users could achieve their primary goals quickly and easily as well as enriching the entire experience of visiting the Abbey by making the website a companion before, during and after a visit.

It was vital not just to show how majestic the Abbey is and showcase its rich history but make the website part of the visitor experience. We also needed to introduce new and improved online services such as frictionless ticketing and a much enhanced shop to meet commercial targets.
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